The leading and popular brand in Tong Garden’s stable. Producers and distributors of quality nuts and snacks for over 5 decades. Caters to every budget, occasion, and taste. Tong Garden as a brand has found its way into the hearts and homes of families, across multiple generations.


Snacking has a new, fresher face, explore Tong Garden’s NOI. Forget the ordinary crisps and crunch, munch into newness of freshness at every bite. Feel the crispy adventure in NOI branded potato sticks, corn chips, and crispy seaweed.

Relish the gift of The Sun with Tong Garden’s SUNGIFT. Presenting ready-to-eat dried fruits, stuffed with nature’s tastiest and chosen flavors. What’s more? You get to savor any fruit in any season. Nothing can be sunny than SUNGIFT.

The moment you say or hear ‘AMORE’ you feel ripples of love touching you. Tong Garden’s ‘AMORE’, delicious and finely made range of biscuits do the same at every bite. Feel the love enticing your taste buds with multi-flavored AMORE – rich, delectable cookies, and wafer rolls.

Tong Garden NUTRIONE Cereal Drink, the energy booster. Packed with 25 nutritious grains such as walnuts, gingko seeds, barley, flaxseed and a generous amount of superfood to make a tasty, energizing drink. NUTRIONE, a formula to keep you going for the day.