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Founded in Singapore, Tong Garden after an arduous journey of over 55 years, became a household name in Southeast Asia with a wide range of products. Tong Garden as a brand has flourished across diverse markets.

Launched in India in 2009, Tong Garden commenced with a host of innovative, delightful, and refreshing products, right from nuts to seeds, chestnuts to dried fruits. Today, Tong Garden has earned the reputation of being the best healthy snack producing brand in India.

Beating competition, we continue to rank as the most preferred brand when it comes to healthy nuts, snacks, and dried fruits

Tong Garden is committed to producing top quality food products for our consumers whilst ensuring great taste and retaining health benefits of all products using advanced technologies for processing through consistently upgraded facilities.

At Tong Garden, we are serious about the quality of the products we serve. We put extra efforts to explore for the most exquisite ingredients and produce from all over the world. Raw produce is procured from Australia, Brazil, California, Iran, Nigeria, New Zealand, and other leading markets without compromising – quality, freshness, and edibility. It is our endeavor to deliver the best products to our consumers.

Honoring our humble beginnings and after consistent efforts, today we take pride in being the largest nut and snack company in Asia.

Our journey and key milestones


1963 – First Small Step

A journey that began from a small zinc roof factory and meager staff strength, we began operations with Peking Peanuts, a variant known for its unusual large fruit.

1966–1977 – Nuts, more nuts

In the span of 4 years, we expanded our product range to cater to diverse tastes. In 1966, we launched Shandong Peanuts. 1970 saw the launch of specialized cashew nuts. The gradual expansion required a larger production space, the company moved to a larger factory at Geylang Bahru in 1973. Since the growth scale was moving up, we introduced Broad Beans (1974), Cracker Biscuits (1975), as well as Chickpeas and Green Peas (1977) to the product range.

1980–1989 – Creating ourselves. Spreading wings.

Incorporated in Singapore in 1980, Tong Garden Food Products Pte Ltd established its presence in Malaysia exactly four years later. Creating a brand out of minimal resources and maximum dreams, the company launched itself in Hong Kong in 1986, and Thailand in 1989.

Whilst spreading our wings across barriers, we focused on maintaining the quality of our products. In 1984, we introduced tasty Pistachios into the market with new stylish packaging, that too at competitive prices. Adhering to our commitment of giving the best to our consumers, we used aluminum foil to pack instead of plastic packaging. A revolutionary concept during those times, as it helped retain the freshness of Pistachios. This quickly advanced us as the market leader for Pistachios.

To accommodate expansion and to meet market demand, we moved into twenty times larger production facility at Chin Bee Crescent in 1987.

1989–1995 – New Locations! Newer Brands! Trendy Products

As we progressed, the expansion of the product range was on cards. We expanded our product range to cater to varying tastes. In 1966, we commenced sales of Shandong peanuts. Four years later, we introduced Cashews.

1996 –Today Growing Times! Evolving Tastes

Recognizing the evolving tastes of our consumers, we experimented with new products to offer innovative and refreshing. Our experiments yielded great results, we launched Honey-Coated Nut series in 1998. Next in line was the introduction of Seaweed & Wasabi Cashew Nuts Mixed Macadamias, and the recently added, Almonds with Dried Cranberries and Banana Chips.

For Tong Garden, the introduction of new products, application of new processes, implementing aggressive strategies and innovative use of our R&D, delivered a three-digit boost in sales from 1996 till today.

Today, when it comes to multi-flavored nuts and delectable snacks, Tong Garden continues to rank at the top in markets of Asia and Southeast Asia.

In 2014, Tong Garden won the Singapore Prestige Brand Award (Heritage Brands Category), for brands, established 25 years ago.

Product innovations and production volumes were possible through two manufacturing plants, one in Thailand and another in Malaysia. These plants have a combined land of 20 acres with a team size of over 1,000. Currently, we are setting up offices in different countries to expand our distribution network.

Backed with Tong Garden’s ability to gain on quality, food safety, great taste and other health benefits of nuts, the company is positive on boosting its growth. We will continue to reach a wider base of consumers across the region and develop new exciting products for everyone in the coming years.


  James Ong Teck Chuan

    Chairman, Tong Garden

Tong Garden began with our founder Mr. Ong Tong Guan’s passion for greatness and his desire to provide nothing but the best for his customers. The same fire still burns in us today. Even after five decades, our founder’s passion and vision continue to live on in each and every product that we put on the market.

At Tong Garden, we take quality seriously. We have spared no effort to search for the finest ingredients from all over the world. Our products contain nuts from California, Australia and many other countries, all carefully chosen to select only the best. Our ultimate goal is to deliver to our customers the highest quality end products that they have come to expect from us as a first-class industry leader.

We have also never ceased to innovate. Innovation and improvement are part of our DNA. We invest heavily in research and development facilities to produce a wide range of delicious and healthy products that cater to different groups of people. As a result, we have one of the most diversified product lines available in the market. To us, variety is the spice of life, and we will not hesitate to provide to customers the greatest range of products to choose from.

Looking back at what we have accomplished, we are proud to be one of the largest nut and snacks companies in Asia. Our humble beginnings in Singapore has been followed by our expansion across Southeast Asia. We now have more than 1,000 staff members in our family, and our products are enjoyed by millions across 35 different countries. Our journey to remain at the forefront of the industry continues with our expansion into other countries, where we have set up distribution offices to bolster our current network. Yet, despite our growth, Tong Garden remains a family-owned and operated company, whose top priority has always been to continue the tradition of excellence established by our founding father. Our passion and love for our products are what makes our company different. We accept no compromise on quality and are committed to bringing only the best to our customers.

We are nuts about our product, and we hope you will be too.