1980–1989 – Creating ourselves. Spreading wings.

Incorporated in Singapore in 1980, Tong Garden Food Products Pte Ltd established its presence in Malaysia exactly four years later. Creating a brand out of minimal resources and maximum dreams, the company launched itself in Hong Kong in 1986, and Thailand in 1989.

Whilst spreading our wings across barriers, we focused on maintaining the quality of our products. In 1984, we introduced tasty Pistachios into the market with new stylish packaging, that too at competitive prices. Adhering to our commitment of giving the best to our consumers, we used aluminum foil to pack instead of plastic packaging. A revolutionary concept during those times, as it helped retain the freshness of Pistachios. This quickly advanced us as the market leader for Pistachios.

To accommodate expansion and to meet market demand, we moved into twenty times larger production facility at Chin Bee Crescent in 1987.